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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throw Back Thursday--week 2!

So I know that I missed last week :-(.  Its amazing how much you can not get done on spring break.  Oh well I'm well rested and ready to back to it!  What ever it may be lol.
Ok I have found some GOOOOODDDDD stuff for this week of blast from the past!

Lets start off awesome!
The good old slap bracelet!  And from looking around you can buy these fancy things again.  How awesome is that.  I see a slap bracelet frenzy happening in our house real soon!
You can check out all the cool designs at orientaltrading.  Now Im not endorsing them by any means, just passing on some useful information.  And in my opinion is an awesome place to find about anything!  And in bulk.  Lets be honest with 3 young girls in our house, anything like this would cause a fight if we didn't have lots of them.  Heck i'll be fighting over them too!

Ok, what else did I come across this week?!?!  I'm a little embarrassed to admit how obsessed I was with this TV show.  But it's too late to look away now!

Yep, that's Power Rangers.  We didn't just watch this show, We LIVED for this show lol.  I remember going on vacation to Kansas as a young child and had to make sure we knew what time this aired so that I wouldn't miss anything!  Looking back, It was a little crazy haha.

And last by not least!   Lets get the books out!
I can still find these books at 1/2 priced books and just want to buy them all.  But then I remember that I have read them all at least 10 times each!  It was an awesome series that I really need to get my kids into!

Well until next time, I'll see you when I see you!!!

*Shanna Marie*


  1. Ha, we have a zebra slap bracelet.

    1. That's awesome! I plan of getting some soon for the girls. Somethings are just so awesome that I'm glad they are coming back lol!