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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 week challenge

I need to start getting serious about this 5K!  School is grades are posted so now there is nothing else to concentrate on but the 5K.  Also getting fit.  I gained more weight then I ever wanted to this past year :-(.  But I feel awesome changes are on the way!

What I have to make a good start:  

I figured of course I need some good running gear!
The very basics...running shoes, iphone holder, and a waist pocket thingy (not sure what to all it because it's not a fanny pack but same concept lol).   

I wanted another way to build up my endurance and get another workout on non-running days so I picked up a new bike! 
Nothing fancy but I did have to make a few adjustments.  I took it for a ride and came home in major tushy pain.  Sad day I know.  So I took the old seat off!!! 
This tiny thing was just not going to work :-( And got a more comfortable one
Much nicer for the bum!  So I think I'm better equipped then I was when I started!  Let the challenge begin!  I have 6 weeks until the race and about 14 until school starts again.  That should be plenty of time to meet most of my getting fit goals!  
Ill keep you updated on what Ive done each week!  And see how long it takes to meet my goals!  If you have an awesome workout plan let me know!  I'm always up for new ideas since I get bored pretty easy doing the same thing over and over.  
Until next time 
*Shanna Marie*

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Electric Run

I posted a while back about finally breaking down and signing up for a 5K.  I finally did it!  I'm not ready by any means but I have until June!
The Electric run will be my motivation!  You can check out their website and see how awesome it looks like its going to be.

So if you have any advice for a first time runner that would be awesome!  Or just some cheers along the way would be great too!  

*Shanna Orr*

Throwback Thursday!

It has been a while....ok a LONG while since I've done a throwback!  But good news is Finals are now over.  THANK GOODNESS might I add!  I have a whole summer to blog which is the most exciting part about today.
Since it has been finals week, I couldn't resist this first throwback.

Lisa Frank! 

Now I am not afraid to admit that if Lisa Frank made..I owned it!  I kinda had an addiction to stationary, stickers, pencils, folders....blah, blah, blah haha.  I Loved it all.
 An oldie but goody I believe.  

And next will bring a little tear jerker considering still it has been finals week.  I needed a good pick me up, cryer, and just plain good movie.  

Sixteen Candles! 

WELL that's what I got this week!  
*Shanna Marie* 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Iced Coffee Recipe

So I'm one of those millions that cant function in the morning without some sort of caffeine!  So i decided why not try to make my own iced coffee!  After a couple attempts at the exact mixtures I finally got it tasting almost as good as Starbucks!

What you need:

8 Cups of coffee-prepare how you like it in the coffee maker.  
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of your favorite creamer- I used caramel macchiato

Thats all believe it or not!  You might even have it all in your pantry already!

 So here we have the regular sugar, brown sugar, and coffee creamer.  Just hanging out until the coffee is done brewing.  

Now that the coffee is all done I measured out 8 cups of coffee. It was pretty much the whole 12 cup craft so don't go by the markings on it.  It is HOT so just be careful!  

 You will need to put both sugars and creamer in while the coffee is still hot so that it dissolves nicely.  

Stir and place it into the fridge over night!  You will have some delish iced coffee first thing in the morning.  Another great idea is to freeze left over coffee (probably from another time since this takes all of it) in ice cube trays.  You toss those into a cup, pour the iced coffee over it, and top it with whipped cream.  
It is sure to get you morning going!  
It looks so yummy!  

*Shanna Marie*