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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I decided as a New Years Resolution that I was going to run a 5K this year.  I am NOT a where close :-(.  So I've had to start at the beginning.  I have tons of friends (who are runners by the way) that ran in a 5K called the color run.  The pictures looked like so much fun.  I think that's where the spark got started.

How does it not look like fun?  Then I remembered that I would actually have to run lol.  I'm not even sure if I ran the mile in high school straight through but I'm guessing its a no.  Oh well what a better time then now.  Turning 30 makes you think about all the things that you have missed out on.  
The race takes place in September in the Des Moines area which thanks goodness cuz I'm going to need that much time to prepare!  Being winter time in Iowa its really hard to just get out and run with all these snow storms.  I do own a treadmill but it doesn't compare to the open road (this is what I've been told).  But I figured I would still start using the treadmill just to get used to running.  
So I started slowly....running for 3 mins straights!  I'm now up to 17 mins straight.  Yahoo!  Progress is always good.  Now that is only 1.43 miles :-(.  You had to have known there was going to be a downfall for this non-runner lol.  I only have 1.67 miles left to make it.  I might even get there to start with an early 5K.  Now I'm not pushing it haha but I am challenging myself.  
I will keep everyone updated on how well or terrible I do in my process.  
If any 5K runners out there have any ideas/suggestions/comments I would gladly take them!  

*Shanna Marie*

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  1. Are you running the Color Run?! If so, I'll start training now!