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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I finally broke down last October and decided its time to learn how to knit! My grandmother had tried teaching me in elementary school but I was not interested. I have kicked my self ever since.
I signed up for a 3 session(2 hours each) beginners class. It really was for beginners of all ages. The lady was very patient and just awesome! Now since it was just a beginners class we learned two stitches:knit and pearl. Oh and to cast on and off. I got pretty good at each of those thinking I could do a scarf with those two! Well it's not the best looking thing but it still looks like a scarf lol. I guess I take it as a win! I also learned that im probably the slowest knitter too. Now that I have actually gotten the first project done its all uphill from here! I'm pretty hard of my self about crafty things so it might not be as bad as I think it least to the less creative eye lol.
Anyways here is the first finished project! I hope to add more projects because I discovered that its really relaxing and fun.
For the knitters here is the pattern:
Cast on 45 stitches
K1 P1
Just that simple!

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