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Friday, February 22, 2013

Yarn Eggs Kids Craft for a Snowy Day

Well as you know snow days can be down right terrible if you don't keep the kids busy.  They have only gotten out early and they are all ready bouncing off the walls (what will I do tomorrow is school is canceled lol).  I let them get craft with a yarn egg craft.
What you need:
Yarn of choice-it doesn't require much so you could just buy one if you wont want a variety or spend a ton of money
Elmer's glue:  I just bought two large bottles and one used one for 8 eggs.
A package of balloons-the amount depends how many eggs you want to make.
foil or freezer paper-I didn't realize that I was out of freezer paper so I impervised and used foil.

You dip the yard (about 2-3 feet depending on how big you make your balloons).  And of course you need your little helpers.  I had three but one decided that it felt too gross which is so not her lol.
Here I have my two helpers.  I cant figure out for the life of me why they are sideways.  There are not sideways in my photos but here they are sideways.  We will just go with it!  They have soaked the yarn in glue and will start to wrap the it around the balloon in any pattern that they choose.  You just need to make sure it sticks to the balloon fairly well and that an end crosses another part of the yarn.
Once again Im sorry for the sideways picture :-(.  You can see that some of the kids got glue happy and creative with where they placed the yarn.  There is no right or wrong way to do it so I wouldn't worry too much.  Its more of a fine motor skill practice.
So now you wait for a good 24 hours to dry.  Once it had dried you pop the balloon and clean off all the glue.
You can see from the second picture there was alot of dried glue around the yarn that I scrapped off.  
And tada!  I placed them all into a triffle bowl that we keep on the kitchen table.  it can be stung up to create a garland if wanted.  
Once again I have no idea why my pictures are transfering crazy.  But there you are.  Something to keep the kids busy and they get to get their hands gooey.  

*Shanna Marie* 

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