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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Mommy Melt Down

Every mom is entitled to an emotional break down every once in a while.  Some moms go into the laundry room and scream it out.  Others go out with the girls for a drink or two.  I send the kids to their other parents.  Yeah not every one has that luxury and I wish I didn't but it works for the situation that we have.  This week has been beyond exhausting and taxing.  I have been studying for weeks for 3 exams and a 40 min speech (which all took place within 3 days) then still had to go to work.  Work I believe topped it off this week.  I work with special needs children and bless their little old hearts but they were stir crazy and rebellious this weekend.  We are hitting that dead of winter time where all children want to do is not be trapped in the house.  All I could do after my long shift was take a coma nap and a hot-hot-hot shower.  And thank heavens for my soon to be hubby who went and bought me cinnamon cashews from Bass Pro (my all time favorite).
So how do you vent?  How do you deal with the everyday stresses that always seem to build up and explode when you least expect it?  

*Shanna Marie*

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