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Friday, February 15, 2013

Wedding or elope?!?!?!

My boyfriend finally proposed at the end of September '12.  I say finally cuz that's what every girls says lol.  We had only been together about a year at that point.  Now the decision of whether to have a wedding or to just elope.  We both have been married before so do we want to do it again is the question.
I was unlucky and had the wedding that my ex-mother in law wanted.  The only thing that I had a part in was my dress.  It was also put together in less then two months because we had a child together.  He let his ex-wife do all the planning and I really don't think he cared what kind of wedding there was lol.
Every girl dreams of having the huge wedding but we don't have the budget for that.  I had a heck of the time  putting on a baby "Sprinkle" for my cousins 2nd baby.  I'm not sure I could multiply that to a wedding magnitude :-(
We also can't get married until I'm close to being done with school due to financial aid situations.  That does give us plenty of time to save up for a medium sized wedding so money doesn't seem to be the main issue.  Both of us have small and uninvolved families so a fear is nobody will show up.   But if we just elope I feel that some family will be upset and I don't get a wedding that I get to actually have a part in.  Eloping and taking a honeymoon sounds like the easiest because of the kids.  UUUgggg what is a girl to do.
What have you decided to do in such a dilemma?

*Shanna Marie*


  1. When we put together our "Brady Bunch" we felt it was very important to include all the kids in the actual ceremony. We held it in the home we were all going to come together to live in and invited family and few friends. Very intimate and sweet. A second marriage for both of us, we've found that the daily commitment to each other's happiness is far more important than a huge symbolic event.

    The first time I got married I had the whole shebang, reception, ton's of people, oodles of food, money,money, money. And it was beautiful. That marriage didn't end up being a happy one. No matter how big and fancy your wedding is, it's only one day.

    The actual wedding really doesn't deserve the attention it's getting. I always advise people, if they do have money, don't waste it on the wedding, go on a awesome honeymoon for some real bonding time, or put it toward a home.

    1. Thanks Pam! We have talked about just doing the honeymoon route and maybe a reception also. My oldest was the only one around during the first marriages and he was 5 months old. So all the kids are really exciting that they want to plan a wedding by themselves (the girls anyways loll)