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Thursday, January 31, 2013

One proud mama!

Kids do little things everyday that lets me know that they actually listen. They of course don't wanna be caught doing it cuz it could be considered uncool! My kids seem to amaze me everyday

I've got one lil girl who choses to read all day during a snow storm and I mean all day! She crawled up on the couch, got a comfy blanket, and read like 10 books! We encourage reading but 10 mins a day is all that is required on busy school nights.

Next my son decided he was going to make his soon to be 2 yr old step sister a cake with her fake kitchen! He did this all on his own! He took so much time and care to make sure that he got it just perfect for her (even if it was a pretend cake)! I should have video taped it since it was so darn cute!

Oh that's all! Just wanted to share this proud mama moment!

*shanna marie*

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