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Friday, February 15, 2013


So we have gotten to the point where the kids want money..and lots of it :-(.  Which of course being a thrifty person (or a tight wade take your pick) I decided what a great time to start doing chores.  Each child has different responsibilities to do each day depending on their age.  I haven't mastered the format yet but you can get the idea!
Here is a template that I found by just doing a google search.  It works well for us!

You can tell that they have been used quiet a bit!  They find it fun to get every thing accomplished in the day so I would take this as a WIN. I had to use packaging tape to allow them to reuse their lists from week to week.  I will soon invest in a laminar because those things are so handy and pretty cool!  I also came up with a list of family rules that we follow! It can be adjusted to fit your families lifestyle and problem areas.  We have a couple girls who like to speak each other's name with such anger so we had to have  rule for that.  And girls who fake cry (that usually works on dad) but I had to thrown that one in there lol.    
House Rules
·         No whining, crying, arguing, or complaining.
·         Ask 1st
·         Say PLEASE and THANK YOU
·         Chew, Swallow, then speak
·         RESPECT others, stuff and sleep
·         NO Excuses,  ONLY reasons
·         Take responsibility for your self
·         NO hitting or pushing
·         NO NO NO shouting
·         Don’t say RUDE words
·         Do not bother someone in the bathroom
·         No jumping on the couch
·         If the answer is will still be NO later, DON’T ask again
·         NO fake crying
·         Do NOT speak someone’s name with anger.
·         NO talking when mom and dad are talking
·         If you open it, CLOSE it
·         If you don’t know how to operate it, Leave it alone
·         If you make a mess, Clean it up
·         Keep your hands and feet to your self
·         Do are you are told
·         Tell the Truth 

Until next time, this is my crafty tip of the day! 
*Shanna Marie*

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