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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday!!

Its Thursday once again.  Crazy how time flies!  I only found a couple things this week but they are GOOD ones!
Cabbage Patch kids hold a special place in my heart.  I used to teach to my "kids" when nobody else wanted to play with me!  Little did I know I would actually be going to school to become a teacher.  Funny how things circle around.  I also have a cute little bold headed Cabbage Patch kid that I called "Charlie."  He was my best friend at a young age.  I have asked my mother where he went but sadly nobody knows :-(  There has been several that were passed down to my little sister but not Charlie.  But any ways, Cabbage Patch kids were a great addition to throwback Thursday!

The next is a fantastic invention that I wish I still had lol.
The Tee shirt clip!!!!!  I had several of these and wore them with pride!  I'm not sure what use I would have with them now days but its a good throwback!   Oh the 80's were great weren't they?!?!?!

Well until next time!  If you find a throwback you find worthy....let me know!!

*Shanna Marie*  

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