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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Every mom's worse night mare is having to make a crazy school science project.  Well of course I am a Biology major but still doesn't mean that I know how to make an exploding volcano.  So what better time then now to make one then for my son's 5th grade class.  I didn't get pictures along the way since I had decided just very recently to start a blog.  BUT I do have finished project pictures!  I hope it at least helps someone along the way get the right idea.
First off I don't recommend paper mache.  That was the biggest fail I think I have had to date (I wish I did have pictures to show how bad it actually was).  So after several attempts at that we moved on to clay.  His teacher was very clear that we shouldn't be spending a ton of money.  Which I'm all for!  So we made the clay from scratch!  This is pretty simple.
1 cup salt
1 cup flour
1 cup water
You mix it over low heat until it hardens to the consistancy of playdoh.  You then set it aside to cool.  Make sure it has completely cooled because you wont be able to handle it/ work with it very well.
Next you need to find something that is about the right shape as a volcano and that would fit over a water bottle of 16oz.  I went searching through the kitchen and found a popcorn container!

How perfect considering I picked up like 6 of them months ago for my daughter's bday party for 50 cents each.  Turn it upside down, wrap it in foil, and start molding clay around the surface.  The top should be left open for the opening of the volcano.  Left it to dry.  
It took a good four days to dry. So I would suggest starting the project as soon as possible.  We thought about baking the clay but chose not too.   On the 3rd day we peeled out the popcorn container and turned it on its side to let the inside dry.  
While that was drying I took some spray glue I had laying around from another project and glued the water bottle to a plastic tube that I picked up at the dollar tree guessed it 1 dollar!  
So if you are keeping track I have spend a whole dollar out of pocket on this project so far!  
Now since I have 3 girls and only one boy, brown paint was not something that I keep on hand.  To Walmart I went!  Picked up a container of brown paint and red since my son thought we had to have a specific color.  That totaled $2.68.  It was on to painting the mountain looking thing to actually look like a volcano.  I then used the spray glue again to attach the volcano to the plastic container over the water bottle.  
I would like to throw in that my son did all of this project on his own.  Well most of it lol.  I made the clay since it involved the oven, drove him to the store to by the paint and plastic container, and of course PAID for the supplies.  Other then that it was all him.  As a future teacher, I thought it would be best if he did it on his own!  
AND....drum roll please.............................................................................................................

Mt. Tyler was created.
After many failed attempts his project was complete!  And the running total was just under 4 dollars!  I forgot to mention that the 16 oz water bottle was giving to each student.  It didn't just appear out of nowhere lol.
I hope it helps some frantic mom out there the next time their child comes home and explains that they need a volcano.  Trust me my mouth was on the floor thinking that this teacher has lost her marbles and that I could never get it made.

*Shanna Marie*

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