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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

It has been a while....ok a LONG while since I've done a throwback!  But good news is Finals are now over.  THANK GOODNESS might I add!  I have a whole summer to blog which is the most exciting part about today.
Since it has been finals week, I couldn't resist this first throwback.

Lisa Frank! 

Now I am not afraid to admit that if Lisa Frank made..I owned it!  I kinda had an addiction to stationary, stickers, pencils, folders....blah, blah, blah haha.  I Loved it all.
 An oldie but goody I believe.  

And next will bring a little tear jerker considering still it has been finals week.  I needed a good pick me up, cryer, and just plain good movie.  

Sixteen Candles! 

WELL that's what I got this week!  
*Shanna Marie* 

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